Ideas and inspiration for making wooden toy airplanes

 A few ideas for making wooden toy airplanes. 

How to make a wooden toy biplane includes free plans you can download with step by step instructions and full size templates.

When I started looking for wooden toy airplanes that I could make, I was amazed by how many I found.

A few float planes I would like to make one day. Looks like a fun woodworking project.
Download the plans from
There is a choice between paper plans and a digital PDF download.

I not found any plans for this wooden toy floatplane yet. Maybe I will make a Sketchup model sometime.

This cute wooden toy airplane was made by Chris Helmes, who makes toys and sells them on Etsy.

This floatplane is so simple in it's construction, you don't really need plans.

This is actually a radio controlled model that flies. To find out more, watch this video.
I like the shape of it, this is on my list of projects to try.

At first glance, I thought this was a real wooden toy. Turns out it exists on in digital format.

This cute cartoon type toy airplane is real enough, and the stock photo is available for download from


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